Garden Castle

Please, take a leisurely stroll thru Castle Keep's gardens

I love to be out in my garden... not that I'm a "green thumb" by any stretch of the imagination. It's a labor of love you could say and over the past 15 or so years much time has been devoted to landscaping over 2 acres of what was once mainly forest. I tried doing the vegetable planting thing but as the growing season here isn't very long, I soon gave that up. So it's flowers and hardy shrubs that catch my eye when at the nursery. Raised planter boxes solved the problem of the moles snacking on bulbs but alas, not before they dined on my lovely Asiatic Lilies. There's also an extensive area I refer to as The Berry Patch, big luscious blueberries *yum yum* and some nice blackberries and raspberries too. A few apple trees had to be sacrificed due to some kind of "blight" but I have hopes for the pear trees and grapes.

Flit's Gardens - Vermont Realm

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