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About Me

Flip a coin... on one side is my love of the Medieval Era... knights in shining armor doing battle with dragons and rescuing the fair damsel. The other side of the coin reflects my affinity for the Victorian period... a time when the pace was a wee bit slower and romance was at it's zenith in my personal opinion.

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Favorite URLs
the good old days

Favorite Chats

Black & White - and various shades of grey

Carousel - round and round

Children - younger generation

Clothing - boutique

Clothing - haberdashery

Couples - togetherness

Etiquette - proper decorum

Fans - gentle breeze

Games - playtime

Gentlemen - day and night

Gibson Girl - Charles Dana Gibson

Hatboxes - storage

Kitties - purrrrrrr

Ladies - night and day

Millinery - use your head

Odds n Ends - pictures