Now that I got this new diploma, improved laboratory supplies, and these letters of rejection ummmm encouragement from the Patent Office, I can begin some very important work improving the health and welfare of my victims ummmm patients... there's so much to do that I best scurry along to my TOP SECRET entrance.

Nobody will ever ever not never ever find this new TOP SECRET way into my surgery, laboratory, or inventing place... this is the best one yet I think maybe *fingers crossed* I hope... don't want those pesky folks from Haz-Mat and OSHA nosing around, especially with all my inventions laying about cause I just haven't had time to send away to the Patent Office place again, you know how that can be when you are really busy... or try to take credit for my doctoring expertise, or the long hours mixing chemicals in those nice little glass beakers.


Good thing I took those trapeze lessons from the Flying Wallendas, otherwise I might go sailing thru the air and *pauses* well, good thing I took them lessons is all I gotta say.


I think maybe I'll get a nice trampoline for this place so I'll bounce a little better on the landing... and maybe a few more lights would be nice too... *cups hands to mouth* "Hellooooooo" *waits & listens* "Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" yeah, maybe some carpets too I think, to make that echo go away. You sure are persistent with the following me thing you got going on for yourself, you trying to find my TOP SECRET surgery area, I betcha... please, don't touch any of the big steel lead-lined drums you see and ummm maybe it's best if you not touch any of the wooden casks either.