This is all the stuff you will need to make my Asparagus & Radish Cookies just in case you want to make them at home all by yourself.

Step One:
1 Big Field - preferrably non rocky
1 Plow
1 Ox or Horsie to pull the plow
1 Hitching up harness thing
1 100LB bag of seed

First you gotta hitch the horsie or ox to the plow and get out there and plow that field. When you got that all done, you take the 100LB bag of seed and sling it over your shoulder and starting sowing. Then hope for a good harvest. After the wheat grows really big, you go out and get it and pound the little grains... you put them on a flat rock and hit them with another rock and scoop the pulverized stuff into a big bowl or sack or whatever you got handy. This may take some time so I suggest you start early.

Step Two:
1 garden plot
40 pkg of asparagus seeds
20 pkg of radish seeds (plant 5 weeks after asparagus)

Put the seeds in nice little rows so they will get lots of sun and don't forget to water them or they will not grow big and strong... they'll croak ok.

Step Three:
Go to the hen house and grab a chicken and tell her you need at least 40 eggs

Step Four:
Go to the well and start fetching water and bring it in and boil it good. Then scoop some of your nice new wheat flour into a big vat and add the water. Now get the egg stuff out of the shell and dump as much of it as you want into the vat. Ask for a volunteer to stomp it into a nice doughy lump.

Step Five:
Hopefully the trees you chopped down and turned into firewood are dry so you bring in say maybe half a cord (better start toting yesterday ok). Start a fire in your stove and slowly add 3 or 4 logs to get it really going good... pre-heat for awhile... if the top of the stove is really hot, then the inside of the stove is ready... I suggest you do not put your hand on top of the stove to test for temperature ok.

Step Six:
1 ton of chopped radishes
1 ton of chopped asparagus
15 gallons of vanilla extract
17,852 cups of sugar
pinch of salt
Mix the above in with your dough in the big vat being careful not to mash up the radishes or asparagus too much. Now get your small shovel and start scooping out some of the dough stuff and roll into balls and drop onto a metal tray (wood & paper trays won't work, I tried). Pop into the oven and bake until the timer goes "beep beep beep beep"... you may want to open windows to let the smoke out of the scullery. While waiting for your cookies to be done, why not go call the fire department knit a sweater. *wrinkles nose* What's that smell? *sniff sniff* There goes the smoke alarm baking timer so the cookies must be all finished... hopefully they will look like this but if they don't, you can always scrape the black charred part off before serving.

Coming soon to your neighborhood

Roald has a long history of culinary talents starting with cheese tasting at "Ye Olde Vat O Swiss Sans Holes Make It from Goats' Milk Factory"... he was in charge of adding the holes to the cheese and worked diligently on the night shift for many years, finally graduating with honors from "Nibble University". Roald sent me his resume and I hired him on the spot *looks at spot on floor*.

Scullery Update: Big doings here in the Scullery... the scullery has been renovated and here it is

As you all know, my cookies are FAMOUS thru-out the universe... everyone gets so excited when I bring them to social functions. Twinks thinks alot about my cookies and she even wrote a little poem about them and I thought I would share it with everyone... so grab a cookie and take a peek

Ode to The Flitster's Cookies
By Twinks

They aren't as yummy as they look,
She can not, simply CAN NOT COOK!
No matter how tempting they may look,
Please, DO NOT EAT ANYTHING that Flit has cooked
The End