Hi there... just having my morning cup of coffee to wake up... I always have at least 2 cups before I uncover the mirrors in the house. Well, I suppose you popped in here cause you wanna know about me... hmmmm, let's see now... I started out as a baby a long, very very very long time ago... huh? you wanna know how long ago?... well, no one is really sure cause my birth record got broken during the Great Flood... Noah accidentally dropped it over the side of his big boat...

only part later found was a little corner of the stone tablet with "B.C." chiseled on it. Of course everyone needs to know their age so I made arrangements with my physican, Dr Moreau, to be carbon-14 dated but that was inconclusive and I gotta tell ya, cutting me in half to count the rings was not an option either. Does "Methuselah" ring any bells... and no, I'm not referring to a 6 1/2 quart bottle of vintage wine either. Older then dirt... I was there when it was invented... keep trying, you're getting close.
I'm married and my husband is named Bob. We have children... tried sending them to the store for candy numerous times, then packed up and moved while they were gone, but alas, they kept locating us. And now, of course, we got grandchildren... 4 of them, aged 22 years down to 5 years. . and 2 great-grandsons, ages 2 years and 2 months.
I like to collect things... especially dolls, favorite doll is the Ginny Doll from Vogue, she's only 8 inches tall so doesn't take up much space and Pocket Dragons by Real Musgrave *honest, it's the artist's name*. And of course, the I Love Lucy dolls and things from Gone With The Wind... the list is endless! I also like to read... gimme a book and I'll read it but the thriller genre is more to my liking.
I enjoy being outside in my gardens during the warm months... July and August... Summer this year was on the 14th of August from 10:38am to 3:11pm. I also like to travel and meet people and see different areas of the country. Someday I hope to get to England, Scotland, Germany, Egypt and Sweden... someday... when there is no longer a danger to Americans traveling abroad.


I read alot and lean towards Sherrilyn Kenyon for author... but I also enjoy history, scifi, thriller and mystery genre.

Birth Sign:

I prefer the Action ones... romance ones have a tendency to use ummmmm kinds of scenes that don't belong in a movie, when the plot is lacking they just gotta fill that film with something I guess.

Favorite Movie:
The Mummy and The Mummy Returns... The Tudors *yeah I bought Season 1 & 2 waiting on Season 3 to be released*

hmmmmm I watch Survivor, CSI, NCIS, Criminal Minds and maybe an old movie during the afternoon *when I can find one*... otherwise it's something from my dvd collection.

Eggplant, Black, White

FaceBook and some of the game apps., playing Neopets, making graphics in PSP, reading

Musicial Preference:
Classical, Andre Bocelli, Celine Dion, Joe Cocker, Tina Turner, Moody Blues... the list is long, how much time you got?

Word Association:
Tusk/Fleetwood Mac, Monopoly/Game, Spirit/Dead People, Holiday/Vacation, Bats/Belfry, Brain/Huh?

Mad Magazine *Spy vs Spy*

Cartoon Character:
Dopey *gotta love a guy that is part owner of a diamond mine & never talks*

Rocky & Bullwinkle Show, Pinky & the Brain, the ones with the sheepdog & wolf that punched a timeclock, Foghorn Leghorn... to name a few

Oded Fehr, Charles Bronson, Marc Singer, William Smith, Cary Grant, Sean Connery, Richard Gere, John Travolta, Mel Gibson, Orlando Bloom & Johnny Depp

Meg Ryan, Myrna Loy, Lucy

Okay that's enough about me... I'm out of this page... but if you elect me Ruler of the Universe, I promise that there will be something edible in every cooking pot and FREE ISP for everyone. You can pick up one of my campaign buttons to put on your website if you want and you know you really want one.