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Attack on America Tribute Pages

I have a lot planned for the future of this site, and I hope you will check back often to see what's new. I want to personally thank all of you who have written concerning this site. Your personal stories, patriotism, and kind words have touched me deeply. Many of you have said how my presentation here has brought you to tears ... I just want you to know that your guestbook entries and letters to me have done the same. It makes me very proud to know my work has touched so many so deeply. My hope is that I can continue to add to this site and bring you more things you will enjoy in the future ... We have only just begun to pay homage to all those who deserve to be honored.

God Bless America
God Bless ALL Freedom Loving People
God Bless ALL the Service Men and Women, Veterans and active duty who have risk and are risking their lives in the protection of our Nations Freedom
God Bless our Hometown Heroes who daily risk their lives to serve and protect our citizens!




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