VETERANS DAY..NOV. 11th, 2001

To our noble United States Veterans for admirely fighting for and maintaining our freedoms

As citizens of the United States, we have many freedoms people of other countries do not have.

We have luxuries, both materialistic and untouchable, making our lives and our children's lives so very much better.

We have the power to choose, to state our thoughts and ideas and to move freely within our own country.

We have the right to protest, vote and purchase our own homes.   We can protect our families and ourselves.

However, these luxuries did not come without a price.

Many U.S. Military men and women encountered some of the most gruesome battles, triumphing over some of the biggest nations to maintain the very freedoms we have today.
As U.S. Soldiers, they left the soil of their own country to save the solid ground we walk on today, forever changing their lives and that of their families.

Sadly, many soldiers paid for our freedom
with their own lives.



KOREAN WAR.....54,216

VIETNAM WAR.....58.655

GULF WAR.....372

As U.S. Citizens, we all owe much gratitude to those who have fought for us and our country.



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